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Custom-Designed Wood Decks in Millstone, NJ

When you are looking to build a new deck on your home, trust Yannuzzi and Sons Custom Deck Builders, LLC. to take care of the work. We offer to design and build custom wood decks in Millstone, NJ, providing you with a beautiful and unique extension to your home. Our team will work closely with you to determine the look and style of the deck you are looking to build.

Once the design is complete, our construction contractors will take care of installing the new deck onto your property. We will ensure that the deck meets all local building regulations and take care of any cleanup once the project is complete. Contact us to learn more about our deck design and construction services or to discuss the style of deck you want to build for your home.

Providing Quality Craftsmanship

Whether we are building a full new deck or adding on new deck coverings, our team consistently delivers top-quality craftsmanship. We want to ensure that your deck not only looks amazing on your property but that it will last for many years. So when you want to build a new deck on your home, trust our skilled and experienced team to handle the work.



YANNUZZI has been designing custom decks over 24 years, since we started we have dedicated our self’s to designing the best possible deck we can for all our clients and we always follow one simple formula:


The design phase of the job is the heart of the project, without an imaginative design with custom features a deck is just a deck, not an extension of your home as it should be, with all of today’s  materials that are offered, deck builders are trying to capitalize on the cost of material and give you a low quality design, basic squares you might say and charge you the price of a thought out custom designed deck, we feel this is not right, a custom design will cost you more due to there’s more involved but if your are paying for custom then you should get custom

At YANNUZZI will never try to  design a deck to our benefit, we always design with the homeowner in mind such as, how many parties, how many people attend, coordinate your deck with your house and yard with future possibilities in mind.

For the past years we have elevated our design capabilities which enabled us to give you the very best we can, for the last 6 or7 years we have offered 2-d technology, imagine your dream deck attached right to your house in your own yard for you to see in color, we feel this a great first step in designing the custom deck you always dreamed of before you step out the door, and changes made before building are easier on you and the pocket.

So give us a call and let the professionals design just what you want, not what someone else thinks you need,  

remember a picture is worth a thousand words